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How to have it all without doing it all

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bold leadership revolution

The Bold Leadership Mission

Hi! I'm Tara Newman from Tara Newman Coaching. I'm a high-performance coach for leaders who want to achieve exponentially more by doing less.  

As an Organizational Psychology expert with over two decades' of corporate experience, I am passionate about helping leaders step off the high-achiever hamster wheel and take the bold actions needed to reach their highest potential -- without burning out in the process.

You're in the right place..

If you're looking for a movement of leaders who are taking a stand to redefine business and life success on their own terms. 

Leaders who are saying "NO" to overwork and burnout. 

Leaders who KNOW if they want to make a greater impact in the world, they need the ENDURANCE to make it happen. 

Leaders who want to redefine balance on their own terms. 

Leaders who want to run their businesses from a WHOLE-istic, empathetic, and intuitive perspective. 

Leaders who understand or want to learn that surrender is a viable business strategy when you lead from a place of devotion to your craft and yourself.  

It's time for a REVOLUTION

Leaders (CEO's, Entrepreneurs) are killing themselves in the name of success. 

We accept overwork and burnout like a badge of honor and it’s got to STOP. 

This is NOT success. This is a recipe for going out of business. Fast.  

And you’ll probably lose your sanity and your most cherished relationships in the process.  

It’s time to free yourself from the old paradigms around work, success, and leadership to step into your genius.

It's your time to have it ALL.